Release Notes

New Additions:
- Arabic, Korean and Slovenian translations are now available.
- Automatic HTTP proxy detection has been implemented for version checks.
- BurstCopy Job files have two new options to assist with batch file runs.

Bug Fixes:
- Shell functionality (including context menus) did not work on some fully localized versions of the operating system.

- Failure to set a file's attributes on transfer end can now be ignored.

New Additions:
- Swedish translation is now available.
- Transfer rate displays have been added to most skins.

Bug Fixes:
- BurstCopy Job file icons are now properly displayed.
- Text label on skins incorrectly claimed files could be dropped on them, but that feature is not available at this time.

New Additions:
- Danish translation is now available.
- Flags have been added to the language selection menu.

Bug Fixes:
- Destination drive free space is now properly verified prior to initiating full drive copy operations.
- Update checks have been restored after the server-side failure affecting previous versions.
- Minor language switch flaw fixed.

- Language pack format slightly changed.

New Additions:

- Job files - scripts used to automate repetitive transfer tasks.
- French, Polish and Traditional Chinese translations are now available.
- Prevention of sleep states due to user inactivity during transfers.
- Automatic pause on low battery.
- Minimize button on non-fatal error messages.
- Update packages are now available.

Bug Fixes:
The destination selection window generated error messages behind it (screen Z-order) when in "Always on Top" mode.
- In rare circumstances, the insufficient space window wouldn't get displayed before the transfer started.
- Skin transparency issue with 16-bit desktops.
- On ocassion, only partial error text was displayed on error windows.
- Screen edge snap no longer flickers.
- Update check window had duplicate keyboard accelerator keys.
- Download button on update check window pointed to wrong link.


- Minor reliability improvements.
- Speed amelioration on small file transfers.

New Additions:

- Error messages have been redesigned, and now also feature the "Retry" and "Skip" options.
- Italian and Romanian translations are now available.
- The mouse cursor now automatically snaps to default buttons throughout the application, for users who have enabled the option.
- Application-generated sounds can now be disabled.

Bug Fixes:
The status indicator on the main interface took up to a second to re-update when resuming from pause.
- On systems using ATI Desktop Manager, the main window would appear in the upper left corner of the screen, and then jump to its normal position.
- Systems with 512 Megabytes of RAM failed to properly store the buffer size.
- In rare circumstances, the user wasn't notified of transfer failure.
- On occasion, the progress bar would keep increasing although an error message was being displayed, or the transfer had been paused.
- Minor reliability improvements.
- A text label was not properly updated when changing the language in skin mode.
- The second progress bar sometimes failed to appear when switching to the normal skin.
- A few language pack problems have been fixed.


- The transfer rate is now more accurate, stable, and is displayed on all transfer methods.
- Initial checks for sufficient space now work on networks as well.
- Idle time checks are now implemented on all transfer methods, and are more accurate.
- The status indicator on the main interface no longer displays idle time periods.
- The registration key insertion window has had some improvements, such as automatic serial paste from clipboard.
- Various other bug fixes, tweaks and improvements.

- The speed and reliability of the "Check for Update" feature have been improved.

- The "Check for Update" button is now available under the Help menu. It has been provided to assist users who do not have permanent Internet connections.
- In some conditions, the "No disk in drive" error was being generated several times even if the user chose to "Cancel" the operation. It is now only shown once.
- The application now automatically detects the user's regional settings and sets its language accordingly when first run.
- When in skin-mode, the application now snaps to the toolbars located at the Desktop's edge, such as the Taskbar or the Office Bar, instead of snapping to the screen edge.
Language packs have been reorganized in order to better support third-party translation.
- Chinese GB language pack now fully translated and integrated.
- The message box announcing the number of evaluation period days left was causing the application to ignore the given shell command, and the user had to start the transfer again. The transfer now starts after the user closes the dialog box.
- Fixed an Internal Error that occurred when there was insufficient memory for the buffer to be allocated. This could typically appear on systems with a disabled swap file.

- Fixed a bug that caused the progress bar to flicker when staying at zero percent for a long time.
- BurstMove-ing of partitions and network shares is now disallowed.
- Idle time value was automatically rounded to the main window's slider, its value is now properly stored.
- Removed fixed expiration date. Application now works for thirty days since installation date, and is suitable for mass distribution.
- Added Chinese GB translation.
- Added the BurstPaste option to the context menu that appears when right-clicking on a folder.
- Skin animation now stops playing when the transfer is paused.
- Minor aspect improvements.

- Fixed a skin-mode menu initialization problem that caused an internal error to occur when the application was manually closed.

- Extended skin-mode right-click menu functionality.
- Various tweaks and minor bug fixes.

- Fixed a bug affecting the 2.40x releases which caused network file transfers to perform poorly on some operating systems.

- Fixed a bug affecting the 2.400 release which caused file transfers on some systems to perform poorly.

- Major improvements to different non-removable media transfer functions.
- Major improvements to the user manual.
- Registration model is now available.
- Extended pre-release evaluation period to 25 days.

- Various tweaks and minor bug fixes.

- Fixed a small visual glitch which affected skin-mode file name display.
- Minor improvements to overall application reliability.

- Major improvements to different media transfer functions.
- Fixed a small visual glitch which affected the insufficient space message box.
- Minor improvements to the application's reliability.
- Minor tweaks to the normal skin's status indicator.

- New feature added. The application now snaps to screen edges when not using the default skin.
- Minor corrections to the user manual.

- Fixed an installer bug that caused incorrect library installation.
- Minor improvements to the destination selection process when starting the application manually.

- Fixed a bug which caused the application to not start on some systems with uncommon RAM amounts (such as those with on-board video cards).
- Minor tweaks to the application's drop handlers.

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